Freeze & High Ten Tag

Heading 1


Heading 1

For taggers to freeze all players.

-Fundamental Movement Skills:

  • Locomotor

  • Run

-Equipment List:

  • One half-length pool noodle per IT--One It per 7-10 players.

-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Players are in a scattered location within the playing area.

  • One in every 7-10 players is It and is given a half-length pool noodle to tag players with.


  • On the signal to begin the taggers try to tag other players.

  • When a player is tagged they remain stationary (could add jumping jacks while they wait) and are freed when another player high tens them.


-Questions & Notes:

  • Variation:

  • Use different locomotor options (skip, jump, hop, side-step...)

  • Questions for Understanding:

  • Is there a way Its can work together to more effectively tag all players?

  • What are some of the best tactics to avoid getting tagged?

  • How does it feel to move freely?

Questions or comments? 

Please contact Dr. John Byl at:


     (905) 923-0938

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