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Food Chain Game

  • 12 Rainbow® Flag Belt Sets--Each Flag Belt includes 6 FoodGroup Flags (1 food from each food group (Fruit, Vegetables, Grain, Dairy, Protein, Grain/Junk Food—change the Junk Food to another Grain)

  • 8 Yellow Junk Food Pinnies (JFT)

  • 2 Healthy Helper Pinnies (HH) -- 1 broccoli (green), 1 apple (red), 1 muffin (orange), 1 dairy (blue)

  • 6 Coated-Foam balls with Fruit images

  • 6 Coated-Foam balls with Vegetable images


-Equipment Link:

Food Chain Game

Heading 1


-Fundamental Movement Skills:

-Equipment List:

In this invasion game, be the first team to get their Fruit or Veggie balls from the opposite side of the playing area and safely make it back to their starting side.

  • Locomotor

    • Dodge

    • Run 

-Setting Up:

  • Designate 8 Junk Food Taggers (JFT) (yellow pinnies).

  • Designate 2 HHs (Healthy Helper pinnies).

  • Divide remainder of class into 2 teams.

    • Each team gets into groups of 3 (adjust as needed for your class size).

    • Each player on the team gets 1 belt and 1 food group flag (or example: One player has a fruit flag, one has a grain flag…). If there are more than 12 players have the other players tuck the Velcro end of their FoodGroup Flags over their waist band of their shorts.

    • Both teams stand in the Begin Area.

    • One team is the designated Fruit Team and another is the Veggie Team.

  • Place all the balls in the opposite Safe Zone.


  • Teams of 3 players on each team link arms to form food chains.

  • At the signal, teams begin to make their way across the playing area to retrieve a ball in the opposite Save Zone and then return it to the Begin Area Safe Zone.

  • JFTs are out to prevent teams from crossing over by pulling FoodGroup Flags. If any players in a chain gets their flag pulled, the whole team stops, unlinks, and completes an exercise pre-determined by the leader (For example: 10 hops, 10 jumping jacks...).

  • Once the exercise is completed, the player’s flag is reattached, the linked players start anew at the Starting Area (If they were bringing a ball back it first needs to be placed with the other balls opposite the Starting Area).

  • HHs are out tagging JFTs, frenzying them in order to help teams get all 6 of their balls to their Start Area.

  • JFTs are un-frenzied by jumping up and down 10 times.

  • The first team to get all its balls across the playing area wins.


  • Ensure that the Safe Zone is sufficiently wide so that if players fall when reaching the Safe Zone they will not land against a wall.

-Questions & Notes:

  • On Offense

    • What are the most effective strategies to avoid getting FoodGroup Flags removed?

  • On Defense

    • What are the most effective ways to prevent players from getting their balls?

  • What are the four/five food groups and how many servings are recommended for your age group?

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