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Balloons Away

Heading 1


To keep two balloons in the air at all times

-Equipment List:



-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Have each student blow up two balloons and stand in a scattered formation in the playing area.


  • Give a signal to start. At the signal students toss all the balloons up in the air.

  • From that point, balloons may only be hit—not caught or held.

  • See how long students can keep the balloons in the air.

  • If a balloon touches the ground, the student picks the balloon up and resumes play.

  • Players may hit everyone else’s balloon with their hands or their balloons.

  • Balloons that are caught or hit the floor count as penalty points.

  • At the end of the contest (2-3 minutes) the player with the fewest penalty points is the winner.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Safety Considerations

    • Use non-allergenic balloons.

  • Teaching Tips

    • If two balloons are too difficult, you may wish to begin students with one balloon each.

  • Question for understanding:​

    • When leaders are juggling lots of things, what helps leaders manage juggling a lot of things?​

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