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Helpful Intramural,

Recess, and Play Websites

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Redesigning the Recess Experience Through Research and Practical Suggestions

Empowering children in grades 4, 5 & 6 to become meaningful movement ambassadors within their school.

Empowering children (aged 3-8) to move well and build the skills, confidence, and motivation to be active for a lifetime!

Building Confident Leaders through Play

In 1986, Fitness Finders created Mileage Club, an all-inclusive walk/run club program for kids offering knowledge, support, and practical tools to track students’ mileage, while also motivating and rewarding them for their efforts and success. Mileage Club quickly became America’s #1 run club for kids – and still is!

Sharing the joy of movement and encourage social skill development in order to have an appreciation of play through our lifespan. 

Encourage, promote and develop active living, healthy lifestyles and personal growth through intramural and recreational programs within the education and recreation communities. 

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