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Carry and Drop the Bean Bags

Heading 1


To pick up four bean bags and drop them into a domed target.

-Equipment List:

  • Four bean bags with Velcro

  • 6-10 straps

  • One Velcro holder

  • One domed target


-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Place a doomed target.

  • Place the four bean bags with the support straps about 10 paces away from the dome.

  • Teams of 6-10 players hold the ends of the straps.


  • On the leader’s signal to begin players pull on the straps to lift the doweled Velcro and pick up the bean bag at the edge of the velcro (if players get too much Velcro it is too difficult to drop).

  • Players then carry the bean bag to the dome.

  • When they reach the target dome players attempt to wiggle the bean bag off and into the dome.

-Questions & Notes:


  • To make it easier players can hold the straps closer to the pail.

Questions for Understanding:

  • How did the team decide which solutions to try?

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