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Highest Pegged Tower

Heading 1


For a team of 3-4 players to build the highest free-standing tower.

-Equipment List:

  • Approximately four clothes pegs per player


-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Place clothes pegs along an end-line (not against a wall--think safety) of the playing area.

  • The players stand with their team at the other end.


  • On the leader's signal to begin, the first player runs to the clothes pegs, picks one up and runs back.

  • When the first player has picked up a clothes peg, the second player runs to pick one up.... All players must take their turn.

  • As the clothes pegs are brought in the team can begin building as a high a free-standing tower as possible.

  • Once all the clothes pegs have been picked up, give the teams another two (of more) minutes to complete their tower.

  • The highest tower is the winner.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Questions for understanding:

    • What was needed to build a free-standing tower as high as possible?​

    • What did you think of the leadership process/decisions your team adopted?

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