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Rolling Giant Ball--With Hands

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Players try to get a giant ball to successfully go around the circle as many times as possible using only their hands.

-Equipment List:

  • One giant ball per game


-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Players stand up with their hands in the air--players inside the circle have their heads outside the circle and players on the outside circle have their heads facing inside the circle.

  • The leader places a giant ball on three players' hands.


  • Players move the giant ball around the circle using only their hands.

  • If the ball falls off the group tries to do it again.

  • Players try to have the ball go around the circle as many times as possible without falling off?

-Questions & Notes:

  • Variation:

    • Use two balls and have a race between two teams.​

      • Rather than using a circle players lie in a line--players alternating like a zipper.​

      • The race it to get the ball to touch a wall at the other end of the start side and back to the start line wall without falling off--if the ball falls off then teams must resume from the start line.

      • Once a ball has gone past a player, the player must stand up and run to the other end of the line ready to pass the ball again...

  • Questions for Understanding:​

    • How are some tactics and skills that improve success with this activity?​

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