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Bird/Ball Juggle

Heading 1


Heading 1

Count how long a player can continuously hit a bird/ball

-Fundamental Movement Skills:

  • Manipulative Send

    • Strike​

-Equipment List:

  • One racquet and bird/ball per player.


-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Have players position themselves in a scatter formation around the playing area, far enough apart that they will not hit someone else with their racquet.


  • Each player hits the bird/ball approximately 1 metre high.

  • While maintaining the same grip the player hits the bird first on the forehand side of the racquet, then the backhand side, then the forehand side, and so on.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Instructional tips:

    • This activity is meant to develop proficiency in gripping the racquet effectively.

  • Variations:

    • Low Bird Juggle: The same as Bird Juggle except players should try to keep the bird as close to the racquet as possible.

    • Walking Bird Juggle: The same as Bird Juggle except players keep the bird going as they walk around the outside of their badminton court. For safety, warn them not to walk into the badminton posts or other players.

    • Bird Trap: Place a bird on the floor. Using side edge of the racquet have the players pick up the bird.

    • Bird Flick: Have players pair up and have them stand 3 metres apart. Place a bird on the floor by one of the players. One partner puts his racquet beside the bird and flicks it up to his partner.

    • Bird Catcher: Hit a bird in the air and catch it with racquet–works best when the racquet face can come down beside the bird, decelerate, and then come under it.

    • Two-Bird Rally: Have players pair up and have them stand 4 metres apart. Each player holds a bird. At their own signal to start they see how long they can pass 2 birds between the two of them.

  • As a cool-down

    • All of these work well as cool-downs with the exception of Two-Bird Rally where the players should be move back a couple of metres.

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