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Not in My House

Heading 1


Heading 1

To have the fewest balls in one’s “house” at the end of the game

-Fundamental Movement Skills:

  • Manipulative Send

    • Throw

-Equipment List:

  • Approximately one stability ball per player


-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Divide a playing area into two courts (or “houses”).

  • Divide the players into two teams, and direct players to scatter themselves throughout their houses.

  • Divide the balls equally between the two teams.


  • On your signal to begin, players begin to throw, kick, roll, or any other means of propelling the stability balls out of their house and into the other team’s house. However, all balls must hit the ground once in the team’s house before going into the opponent’s house. (This is done for safety considerations.)

  • Players cannot leave their house.

  • At a time you have determined, call, “Stop.” Have each teams count the number of balls in its house.

  • Congratulate the winners and quickly start a new game, but vary the stop times (one game might be 20 seconds long, another might be 10 seconds long, another might be 60 seconds long). Many games and quick starts ensure that players will focus more on the activity than on the score.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Tips and Variations

    • Tactically (and for safety reasons), it is advantageous for players to throw the balls where opposing players are not—the balls will roll farther into the opponent’s house.

  • Four-Team Not in My House:

    • Played the same as Not in My House except that there are four teams and the room is divided into four quadrants.

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