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Six Colours Tag Ball

Heading 1


Heading 1

To tag, by striking other players with a thrown ball, so that all players from a specific team are seated on the floor (or make it more active by have them do jumping jacks till the end of the game).

-Fundamental Movement Skills:

  • Manipulative Send

  • Throw

  • Manipulative Receive

  • Catch

-Equipment List:

  • Six Omnikin Six balls

  • Six hula hoops

  • Six sets of pinnies--with coulours matching the balls.


-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Form six teams and provide each team member with their coloured pinnies. their team’s coloured ball, and a specific hula hoop.

  • Spread the six hoops around the perimeter of the playing area—about the size of two-thirds of a volleyball court.

  • One player stands in their team’s hoop holding their coloured ball—all other players are in a scattered position throughout the playing area.


  • Any player from any team can stand in their team’s hoop and hold their team’s coloured ball.

  • Players inside the hoop attempt to toss the ball at other teams’ players.

  • o If a player is hit in the air (ball cannot bounce off the floor or anything else) that player seats themselves on the floor (or completes jumping jacks) where they were hit.

  • o Seated (or Jumping Jack) players can be freed by catching their team’s ball tossed to them by a teammate inside their team’s hoop.

  • o If a player catches a thrown ball, the thrower must be seated (or do Jumping Jacks) where the ball was caught.

  • o Players inside their hoop cannot be targeted, but can only remain in their hoop for a maximum of 10 seconds after which they must run around their hoop at least four times before re-entering.

  • To get their team’s ball back to their throwing hoop, the ball can be tossed or run back to their team’s hoop.

  • The game is over when all members of one team are seated.

-Questions & Notes:


  • Players must dribble their ball when returning to their hoop with their team’s ball.

  • Play without hoops, and disallow walking when in possession of a ball.

  • Permit the ball to bounce off the floor or other objects.

  • Adjust the size of the playing area to suit the number of participants.

  • A tagged player is freed after completing 10 Jumping Jacks.

Question for Understanding:

  • What are some tactical decisions that increase a team’s success?

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