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Food Group Mania

Heading 1


Heading 1

In this target and invasion game teams of 4 players each, try to get the most balanced Healthy FoodGroup Flags on their Flag Belt Keeper within the predetermined amount of time.

-Fundamental Movement Skills:

  • Locomotor

    • Dodge

    • Run​

  • Manipulative--Send​

    • Roll​

-Equipment List:

  • 12 Rainbow® Flag Belt Sets--Each Flag Belt includes 6 FoodGroup Flags (1 food from each food group (Fruit, Vegetables, Grain, Dairy, Protein, Grain/Junk Food—change the Junk Food to another Grain)

  • 8 Yellow Junk Food Pinnies (JFT)

  • 4 Healthy Helper Pinnies (HH) -- 1 broccoli (green), 1 apple (red), 1 muffin (orange), 1 dairy (blue)

  • 6 Coated-Foam balls with Fruit images

  • 6 Coated-Foam balls with Vegetable images


-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Designate 8 JFTs (yellow pinnies)—if it turns out in the game it is too difficult to get a ball past the JFTs then reduce the number of JFTs.

  • Designate 4 HHs (Healthy Helper pinnies) and place them along the outside edge of the width of the court. All the FoodGroup Flags are placed on the HH side.

  • Group remaining players into teams of 4-5 players. One player in each team wears an empty belt. They begin on the opposite side of the HHs. Distribute the balls to the teams.

  • The JFTs are scattered throughout the playing area.

  • Establish a length of playing time (5-10 minutes).


  • At the start of the game, each team takes a ball and attempts to roll it past the JFTs to the HHs.

  • If the HHs receive the ball, the player that rolled the ball runs along the Return Route to the Healthy Helper side and takes any flag of their choice, and returns the flag and ball to their team.

  • If the JFTs intercept any balls, the player who rolled the ball runs through the playing area. If these players get tagged by a JFT, they need to select a flag from their team, and through the Return Route, return that flag to the HHs. However, if these runners get across without getting tagged they can select a Flag from the HHs and return it to their team via the Return Route.

  • When the predetermined amount of time for game play expires, each team counts who has the most balanced Healthy FoodGroup Flags. The team with the best score wins.

-Questions & Notes:

  • On Offense

    • What are the most effective strategies to successfully roll balls past the defense?

    • What are the most effective strategies to avoid getting tagged when running across the playing area?

  • On Defense

    • What are the most effective ways to prevent balls going by untouched?

    • What are the most effective strategies to avoid having a runner run by without getting tagged?

  • What are the four

  • food groups and how many servings are recommended for your age group?

Equipment Adaptation:

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