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Seven Degree

Heading 1


Heading 1

To score a point for setting up the three pins

-Fundamental Movement Skills:

  • Locomotor

    • Dodge

    • Run

  • Manipulative Send

    • Throw

  • Manipulative Receive​

    • Catch​

-Equipment List:


-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Best played with two teams of three players each.

  • Place spots about five paces apart (closer for less able throwers and further for more able throwers)

  • On one spot stand one foam pin up and lay the other two down beside it.

  • Three players (the defense) stand behind the pin.

  • Three players, one player holding a ball, stand behind the other spot.


  • The first player throws the ball at the pin.

    • If unsuccessful and the defense does not catch the ball, the player tries again.​

    • If unsuccessful and the defense catches the ball, the player is out--once all three players are out teams switch roles.

    • If successful in knocking the pin down, the defense gets the ball (the ball carrier cannot move but can toss the ball to a teammate--and must do so within three seconds) and attempt to hit one of the offensive players.

      • If successful in hitting a player the team is out and teams switch roles.​

      • If the offensive team can get to the pins and set them up before one of the offensive team members is hit with the ball, the offensive team scores a point and play resumes from the start but whoever was out is still out.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Questions for understanding:

    • For Defense​

      • What makes it easiest to catch a ball and make an out?​

      • What are best strategies to hit an offensive player when they have knocked the pin down?

    • For Offense​

      • What makes it easiest to hit the pin or not have the ball caught if it misses the pin?​

      • What are best strategies to get to reset the pins?

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