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Heading 1


Heading 1

Players complete a set number of push-ups or try to attain the most push-ups in a set time.

-Fundamental Movement Skills:

  • Non-locomotor

  • Balance

  • Pushup

-Equipment List:

  • One Bosu ball

-Equipment Link:

-Setting Up:

  • Players position themselves in a push-up position with their hands on the top of an upside-down Bosu Ball.


  • On the signal to begin players complete the number of push-ups they desired.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Variations:

  • Hold the push-up position (or plank) and alternate lifting one leg up at a time.

  • Hold the push-up position and alternate tapping shoulders.

  • Question for Understanding:

  • What techniques are important to understand when completing a proper push-up?

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