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Bump a Larger Coin Into the Bank

Heading 1


Heading 1

Have the fewest attempts at bumping a Larger Coin Into the Bank

-Equipment List:

¢ One large coin and one small coins for two players.

-Setting Up:


¢ Draw a bank (2-5cm square) on the middle of a table.

¢ Place a larger coin on the table 5 cm from the edge, place a coin on the edge of the table.


¢ Place a coin on the edge and bump it so that it will bump into the larger coin and push it into the bank. See how many turns it takes.

-Questions & Notes:

¢ Variation: Have a robber. An opposing player gets to hit a coin at the larger coin every so many times (try every three turns) the one person tries to get their money into the bank.

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