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Don't Spill the Coffee

Heading 1


Heading 1

Collect as many coins as possible that missed the cuop.

-Equipment List:

¢ A cup, and lots of coins per player (start with the same number)

-Setting Up:


¢ Put a coffee cup on the floor as the target.

¢ Standing erect, hold a coin at eye height.


¢ Standing erect, hold a coin at eye height, and drop the coin trying to get the coin to stay in cup.

¢ If your coin does not spill the coffee and stays in the cup it is yours plus any coins that missed, if you miss, your opponent takes a turn....

¢ The next person goes and play continues.

-Questions & Notes:

¢ What ways seem to work best?

¢ How does it feel when it works? Does not work?

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