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Heading 1


Heading 1

Use the fewest number of shots to hit the "hole."

-Equipment List:

¢ One large coin for the game and one small coin per player.

-Setting Up:


¢ Create a nine-hole golf course one hole at a time.

¢ Put one coin down as the hole--the object is to see how many shots it takes to hit the hole.

¢ Set up obstacles using objects in the room (books, pencils, chalk....)

¢ Once everyone has completed the hole, set up the next hole (take turns being the course designer).


¢ Winner has the honors of going first.

¢ Keep track of your total shots; or play a skins game with the winner being the one who wins the hole (if there is a tie the winnings are carried forward to the next hole....)

-Questions & Notes:

¢ What ways seem to work best?

¢ How does it feel when it works? Does not work?

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