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8 On 2 Soccer Warmup

  • One or two soccer balls per group of 8-10 players.


-Equipment Link:

8 On 2 Soccer Warmup

Heading 1


-Fundamental Movement Skills:

-Equipment List:

For 8 players to keep a ball away from the two defending players

  • Manipulative -Retain

-Setting Up:

  • SIx to eight players are positioned in a circle approximately 10-15 paces apart.

  • Two players are in the middle.

  • The players on the outside are given one or two balls


  • When the group is ready players on the outside try to kick the ball to other players on the outside preventing the two players in the middle from intercepting the balls.

  • When middle players intercept a ball they change places with the player on the outside who messed up.

-Questions & Notes:

  • What are important considerations for outside players in successfully keeping the ball away from the middle two players?

  • What tactics can the middle players best use to intercept the ball?

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