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Crab Soccer

  • One stability ball per game of two teams of 3-5 players each

  • Four cones to identify two goals


-Equipment Link:

Crab Soccer

Heading 1


-Fundamental Movement Skills:

-Equipment List:

To score more goals than the opponents

  • Manipulative Send​

    • Kick

  • Manipulative Receive​

    • Trap

  • Manipulative Retain

    • Dribble

-Setting Up:

  • Set up a playing area with goals five paces wide at either end.

  • Each team is in a scattered position in its half of the playing area. Each team has one goalie in the goal area. All players are in a crab position on the floor (backs toward the floor and walking on hands and feet).


  • Throw the ball down the middle of the playing area to begin play.

  • Players may kick the ball, but may not advance the ball with their hands. If a player advances the ball with his hands, the other team gets the ball at that location and has a free kick—which means the kicker can kick the ball uncontested. Once the ball is kicked, play resumes as normal.

  • A goal is scored when the ball goes between the two cones and the bottom of the ball can be no higher than the height of the ball above the floor

  • When a team scores, have the teams return to their respective halves and throw the ball down the middle again.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Tips and Variations

    • Two-Ball Crab Soccer:

      • Played the same as Crab Soccer except that the teams use two balls (this is a good alternative if you have many players).

    • Regular Indoor Soccer:

      • Could also play regular indoor soccer but us a stability ball instead of a soccer ball.

    • Snow Soccer:

      • If you have a soccer field nearby and lots of snow, players come dressed for the outdoors and play a regular game of soccer except that they use one or more stability balls instead of a soccer ball.

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