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Inch Football

  • One football per teams of 3-5 players

  • One wrestling mat


-Equipment Link:

Inch Football

Heading 1


-Fundamental Movement Skills:

-Equipment List:

To score more touchdowns than the other team. All the players are on their knees all the time.

  • Locomotor

    • Crawl

  • Manipulative Sent

    • Throw

  • Manipulative Receive

    • Catch

-Setting Up:

  • Divide the players into 2 teams.

  • Define the end zone line for both teams.

  • Explain the rules.

  • Players kneel on the mat with their team on their half of the mat.

  • he starting team begins their first play on their goal line.


  • Where a ball is placed to start a play, is called the line of scimmage.

  • On offense a team has 4 tries (downs) to advance the ball into the end zone.

  • If a team succeeds they get 7 points for a touch down.

  • A quarterback has 5 seconds (referee audibly counts “1 steamboat, 2 steamboats…”) to initiate a play without obstruction.

  • The defense may not rush across the line of scimmage, and no running plays may occur until the official has counted the required 5 steamboats.

  • After the steamboat count, the defense may rush and the quarterback (or another player on a hand-off or lateral) may run the ball.

  • If a team is unsuccesful in scoring a touchdown after 4 downs, the other team takes over at the point where the other team ended their drive.

  • Rules

    • All players are eligible receivers.

    • A ball carrier is grounded at the point where they are tagged.

    • There is to be no blocking at any time.

    • If offensive players do any of the above they will be penalized by losing that down and having the ball returned to the original line of scimmage.

    • The ball is automatically dead when it touches the ground; play resumes at the line of scrimmage or where the ball was fumbled, which ever is the furthest down field.

    • Defensive players may not grab the ball carrier, use rough play, or block. If a defensive player does any of this her team will receive a 2 yard penalty from the point of infraction or where the ball was grounded, which ever is the furthest plus an automatic first down for the other team. Infractions in the end zone result in a first down at the 1-yard line.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Variation

    • Play this on a beach volleyball court instead of a wresting mat.​

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