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Nutrient Collect ‘N Keep

  • 12 Rainbow® Flag Belt Sets--Each Flag Belt includes 6 FoodGroup Flags (1 food from each food group (Fruit, Vegetables, Grain, Dairy, Protein, Grain/Junk Food—change the Junk Food to another Grain)

  • 8 Yellow Junk Food Pinnies for Junk Food Taggers (JFT)

  • 4 Healthy Helper Pinnies (HH) -- 1 broccoli (green), 1 apple (red), 1 muffin (orange), 1 dairy (blue)

  • 6 Coated-Foam balls with Fruit images

  • 6 Coated-Foam balls with Vegetable images

  • 8 (possibly 12) Poly spots or pylons to mark safe stations (and center area)


-Equipment Link:

Nutrient Collect ‘N Keep

Heading 1


-Fundamental Movement Skills:

-Equipment List:

In this invasion game, players attempt to be the first to make it to each station and collect a flag from all 6 food group stations within the predetermined amount of time.

  • Locomotor

    • Dodge

    • Run 

  • Manipulative-Send​

    • Throw​

  • Manipulative-Receive​

    • Catch​

-Setting Up:

  • Designate 6 safe stations around the gym using poly spots or pylons—see illustration. Place all of the dairy FoodGroup Flags at one station, all the fruits in a different station….

  • Designate 8 JFTs (yellow pinnies) who stand in a scattered formation around the playing area.

  • Designate 4 HHs (Healthy Helper pinnies) and place them in a designated area (may need 4 more poly spots or pylons to mark this area as well) in the middle of the playing area with all of the fruit and veggie balls.

  • Remaining players each get an empty Flag Belt. If more than 24 players in your group, have players who do not have a Flag Belt tuck the Velcro end of the FoodGroup Flags over the waist band of their shorts.

  • These remaining players are equally divided in the 6 areas and each player can begin with the flag from that station.

  • Establish a length of playing time (5-10 minutes).


  • At the signal to begin, players start to make their way from station-to-station, attempting to collect all 6 FoodGroup Flags--1 from each food group.

  • JFTs attempt to prevent players from completing their belts by pulling 1 food flag at a time off of their belts. JFTs must drop off the flag at the correct station (dairy flag goes back to the dairy station, protein flag back to a protein station...) before attempting to pull FoodGroup Flags from other players.

  • Any time players have a flag removed they go into a “frenzy” and jump up and down requesting the HHs to toss them a fruit or vegetable ball.

  • HHs, from their designated area, throw a fruit ball or a vegetable ball to players who lost their FoodGroup Flags. If the frenzied player catches the ball, that player tosses the ball back to a Healthy Helper and resumes play.  Stray balls can be collected by HHs but they need to bring the balls back to their designated area before tossing the ball to frenzied players.

  • The first player to achieve a balanced belt (all 6 FoodGroup Flags), or the player closest to achieving a balanced belt within the predetermined amount of time, wins.


  • Assign an exercise to each station which players complete before leaving that station (For example: 5 frog leaps, 10 jumping jacks...).

  • JFTs keep the FoodGroup Flags and thereby make it more difficult for anyone to get all six foods—winner is the player who has the most different foods.

  • JFTs stand in the designated area in the middle with all the balls (no HHs in this game). Players attempt to run from Safe Area to Safe Area collecting as many of the six food groups as they can. If a player is hit by a ball thrown from the Junk Food Tagger (can only throw from the center designated area—JFTs can retrieve balls but must return to the center area before tossing balls at running players), that player does 10 Jumping Jacks (or other prescribed exercise), returns to the Safe Area they just left, and resumes play.

    • Another variation on this is that the JFTs can move anywhere in the open space, and throw players out from anywhere in the open space.

-Questions & Notes:

  • On Offense

    • What is the most effective strategy to most quickly get one of each of the six food groups?

    • What are the best ways to get un-frenzied and catch a ball?

  • On Defense

    • What is the most effective way to prevent players from getting the 6 food groups?

  • What are the four/five food groups and how many servings are recommended for your age group?

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