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Pool Touch Football

  • 1 football per game

  • 1 swim cap per player (2 different colors to distinguish the 2 teams)


-Equipment Link:

Pool Touch Football

Heading 1


-Fundamental Movement Skills:

-Equipment List:

To get the ball into their opponents end zone (worth 7 points) more often than their opponents. A touchdown occurs when a player touches the ball over the bouy line at the other team’s end.

  • ​Locomotor

    • Stroke​

  • Manipulative Send​

    • Throw​

  • Manipulative Receive​

    • Catch​

-Setting Up:

  • Across the width of a swimming pool in approximately 1 yard (meter) depth of water with a bouy line at either end to mark the end zone.


  • The game will consist of 2 halves, 10 minutes each (during the last minute of each half stop the clock after a play and start it again when the ball is in the quarterback’s hands). Allow for a 1-minute break at the half. The official shall call out “1 minute remaining” at the end of each half. A half cannot end on a play in which there was a defensive penalty; you’ll need to have the students play 1 more down.

  • The game is started and restarted after a touchdown with the team scored upon taking the ball 2 yards (meters) in front of their goal line. There are no field goals or safety touches.

  • The line of scrimmage is where a ball is placed to start a play. On offense a team has 3 tries (downs) to score a touchdown. Prior to each play, the offensive team must huddle to discuss what they plan to do. A quarterback has 3 seconds (referee audibly counts “1 steamboat, 2 steamboats…”) to initiate a play without obstruction. The defense may not rush across the line of scimmage until the official has counted the required 3 steamboats. There are no non-passing plays permitted from behind the line of scrimmage. The quarterback may continue in play after completing a pass across the line of scrimmage to receive a handoff or lateral. Only 1 forward pass is allowed per play.

  • All players are eligible receivers. A player is grounded at the point where they are touched. There is to be no blocking, tackling, or rough bumping at any time. If offensive players do any of the above they will be penalized by losing that down and having the ball returned to the original line of scimmage. The ball is automatically dead when it is dropped. Play resumes at the line of scrimmage or where the ball was fumbled, which ever is the furthest down the pool.

  • Defensive players may not grab the ball carrier, use rough play, or block. If a defensive player does any of this her team will receive a 5 yard (meter) penalty from the point of infraction or where the ball was grounded, which ever is the furthest plus an automatic first down for the other team.

    •  2.5 yard (meter) penalties are awarded for:

    • Taking more than 10 seconds in huddles.

    • Offsides—crossing the line of scrimmage before the ball is given to the quarterback.

    • 5 yard (meter)penalties and an automatic first down are awarded at point of foul for:

    • Offensive interference—contacting the receiver when she is trying to catch the ball.

    • Holding an opponent

    • Unnecessary roughness

    • Obscene language

    • Too many players in the pool.

-Questions & Notes:

  • Safety Considerations

    • The bouy line is used to prevent players from banging into the hard edge of a pool. Be sure to have life gaurds on deck.

  • Teaching Tip

    • Instead of using a football it may be fun to use a rubber fish instead.

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