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Crazy Eight Dribble with Feet and Knockaways


To complete five laps of the figure-eight course as quickly as possible, and protect your ball from being knocked away.

-Fundamental Movement Skills:

  • Locomotor

  • Run

  • Manipulative Retain

  • Dribble

-Equipment List:

-Equipment Link:

  • One ball per player

  • Two cones per game

-Setting Up:

  • Place two cones approximately 10 paces apart.

  • All players hold stability balls in their hands and line up at one of the cones, facing the other cone.



  • On your signal to begin, all the players dribble their balls, with their feet, around the left side of the first cone.

  • Players must go around the right side of the first cone and then around the left side of the second cone, completing figure eights.

  • Players complete five laps of the figure eight.

  • Players may knock other player's balls away.

-Questions & Notes:

  • With this many balls and players crossing through the middle of the figure eight at the same time, this is a game of considerable chaos. Encourage the players to enjoy the game and not to be too competitive.

  • Make this race a relay race by having two or more teams on their own courses, with each team completing the course three or more times.

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